Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seeds That Feed!

What a rush! This new blog has been pretty fun so far! Only issue I've had so far is that I cannot seem to understand html to the extent of making my "Posts" area wider! It shrinks my pics to 400px, and I can make them 700px, but then it only shows the first 400px, leaving the other 300px hanging off the page, unviewable... any html help out there??

So I researched online a bit and found a way to harvest basil seeds! I knew I would have to let my basil plant go to flower and that eventually seeds would be there, of course. But I wasn't sure of the details. You have to understand that one of my OCD-type qualities is that when I want to know something, I want to know as many details as are possible to know...

But I found that when the seed pods turn brown, that is supposed to be when the seeds themselves are ripe to be plucked. And my info. source said that a mature seed is plump-ish and black (instead of small and green, even though they're still tiny when they're mature.) So I ran out to my plant and noticed that half of a long flowered stem had turned brown, and I picked the pods off by hand and brought them inside. Sure enough, when I pulled a pod apart (say that 3 times fast) 4 little black seeds popped out. For anyone who's planted basil from seed, you too can use that knowledge of what the seeds look like. The 4 seeds that popped out looked just like the seeds of basil that I've planted before. So I assume they are ready! And now I'm letting them dry for a couple days before packing them into a small envelope or paper bag. Here are some pics of the seedpods and seeds!

And hey! This blog lets me post pictures straight from my hard drive! No photobucket-man-in-the-middle to deal with! Sweet mana from heaven!

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