Friday, September 23, 2011

The Autumn Moon Lights My Way......

Khalil Gibran wrote,

"In the autumn I gathered all my sorrows
And buried them in my garden.
And when April returned
And spring came to wed the earth,
There grew in my garden beautiful flowers
Unlike all other flowers.
And my neighbors came to behold them,
And they all said to me,
"When autumn comes again, at seeding time,
Will you not give us of the seeds of these flowers
That we may have them in our gardens"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Late Summer Cleansing

Well I went a little wild with my diet over the Summer! 8-) It's been awesome. And I've still done better than any previous Summer! I've avoided wheat now (about 99%) since January! I can practically name the 3-4 times I've had a little bit of wheat through the year..... not anywhere near enough to be a problem!!! Not even a whole slice of pizza's worth.

Moving into September and I find myself wanting to cleanse a bit again... so I took the relaxing day off of work today to drink tons of water and eat way lighter than I've been. (I've been delving into a lot of goat milk products and eggs lately, so I just thought I'd take a vegan day again and do a little cleanse.

Here's what I've noticed:
Past times that I've done a "24 hour cleanse" I've always gotten, even if only slightly, a headache or a dull similar pain in my head.... Today I chose not to cut out fruits or juices, and I had a small bit of coconut juice through the day, an apple, and most of a grapefruit. On top of that all I had was a salad for brunch with a teaspoon of dressing (hardly any) and some super fresh cherry tomatoes, and maybe a tablespoon or more of hemp seeds. For a late dinner, I had 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and 1 cup steamed baby broccoli. That's it! Making a cup of Yogi Detox Tea now and have been sipping down a big bottle of water all day.... no headaches! No nausea, no severe cravings... no problem. It reminded me of my astonishing January - May candida diet :-)

Another change is that I didn't try to analyze it too much through the day (waited to write about it til now... focused on meditating through it more and just being present), and I didn't try to do a 60 minute yoga/cardio workout hahahahah I realize I try to overdo these cleanses..... so now I've made it through and feel amazing... though maybe too much energy for getting to bed early :-P