Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesome Candida-Safe Coconut Vanilla "Kheer" Recipe!

I just had to pop on for a late post about this delicious and super-easy "Kheer" (Rice Pudding) recipe that I whipped up yesterday!

I had a recipe from the Candida Diet website, but it was basically just brown rice and coconut oil and maybe some nutmeg or cinnamon..... that was kind of rough....

So, real quick, here goes:

-cooked brown rice
-as much unsweetened almond milk as you'd like the pudding consistency to be
-1 tbsp coconut oil
-vanilla extract to your taste preference
-cardamom seed (whole or ground, to your liking)
-pinch of stevia

+any other spices or chopped nuts you might like to add! I omit the raisins, candida diet-style, but this makes suuuuuch a good treat.... especially when you haven't had anything sweet including fruit in awhile! I used a few raw macadamia nuts in mine tonight.....nom......

And it's good cold or hot :-D

Tomorrow or Saturday's experiment includes....... khichri! Lentils & rice soup mildly spiced with Indian spices..... I'm already drooooolinggggg.....

A shot of some kheer!

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