Sunday, September 4, 2011

Late Summer Cleansing

Well I went a little wild with my diet over the Summer! 8-) It's been awesome. And I've still done better than any previous Summer! I've avoided wheat now (about 99%) since January! I can practically name the 3-4 times I've had a little bit of wheat through the year..... not anywhere near enough to be a problem!!! Not even a whole slice of pizza's worth.

Moving into September and I find myself wanting to cleanse a bit again... so I took the relaxing day off of work today to drink tons of water and eat way lighter than I've been. (I've been delving into a lot of goat milk products and eggs lately, so I just thought I'd take a vegan day again and do a little cleanse.

Here's what I've noticed:
Past times that I've done a "24 hour cleanse" I've always gotten, even if only slightly, a headache or a dull similar pain in my head.... Today I chose not to cut out fruits or juices, and I had a small bit of coconut juice through the day, an apple, and most of a grapefruit. On top of that all I had was a salad for brunch with a teaspoon of dressing (hardly any) and some super fresh cherry tomatoes, and maybe a tablespoon or more of hemp seeds. For a late dinner, I had 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and 1 cup steamed baby broccoli. That's it! Making a cup of Yogi Detox Tea now and have been sipping down a big bottle of water all day.... no headaches! No nausea, no severe cravings... no problem. It reminded me of my astonishing January - May candida diet :-)

Another change is that I didn't try to analyze it too much through the day (waited to write about it til now... focused on meditating through it more and just being present), and I didn't try to do a 60 minute yoga/cardio workout hahahahah I realize I try to overdo these cleanses..... so now I've made it through and feel amazing... though maybe too much energy for getting to bed early :-P

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