Friday, January 28, 2011

Candida Diet Weeks 3-4

Today I made my own miso soup, with Miso Master red miso paste, wakame seaweed, and a little chopped up green onion (though the recipe calls for scallion, but I do not have....)

It turned out great! I'm super excited about the more "genuine" batch than the packet type, though the packet type will do lovely for camping trips!

The deal with miso soup is that the soy used is fermented. Being fermented means it contains cultures (like yogurt or sauerkraut, etc) And they will help to replenish the gut flora.

I'm also learning more and more about minerals and sources of healthy minerals. Herbal infusions seem to offer some of the most potent amounts of minerals. Susan Weed (as I mentioned in the previous post) boasts quite a bit about the herb nettle. Also known as STINGING nettle. But, when the leaves are dried and prepared as a tea INFUSION (not just a hot tea, but set up to steep for at least 4 hours in a jar of boiled water) 8 oz. of such a concoction is said to have 500mg of calcium available for your body! So far I've only really been able to find information about that on Susan's site, which is fantastic! But I'd like to see if that's been mentioned elsewhere! I don't doubt that it is, at the very least, a terrific source of calcium. And I can't wait to get out to the co-op and pick up some dried nettle and have a go!

So I'm on Week 4, and can you believe I haven't had a pinch of chocolate, ice cream, cookies, or any kind of sweets! The closest I've had to a sweet is a small serving of rice pudding I got at India Garden with my mom the other day :-) (and it should be noted that for once I didn't even heap the pudding into 5 bowls and gulp it down like my life depended on it!!) I'm feeling pretty strong! And I feel like I have much less of a craving for sweets now, though the dark chocolate bars at my job still yell at me more often than I'd like! But I'm gonna go as long as I can, paying much attention to my body and what it says. Almond butter has been my "sweet," and all I use is raw almond butter, nothing added... just pure almonds ground into smooth amazingness :-)

Weight fluctuates through each day... usually weigh in around 121-122 in the morning and about 126 in the evening... I'm excited to see what changes when I start jogging again in the spring!

Would like to focus more on yoga. I've been doing several postures every other day or so, but I'd like to really work on a routine.

Well it's late and I should get to bed, but that's a quick update for ya! Thanks for reading!

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