Monday, January 31, 2011

Candida Diet Weeks 3-4 Progress....

Well I'm already on Week 5 here! So talk about a chocolate addict.... I feel like one when I can count the days since my last chocolate consumption! Ta daaaaa, it's been exactly one month!!! *crowd goes wild* Hahah and what a day to celebrate such a feat... you see, it's absolutely a perk to work at a health food store for the easy access to such wholesome foods... But on the flip-side of the matter, we got in 3 BOXES OF ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE TODAY!!! And I priced them all by hand individually. HAHA cruel and unusual... but I'm quite proud of my progress and I didn't want to cave, so I'll be keeping away from that stuff for a little while longer yet, perhaps until I feel more rebalanced.

Weeks 3 and 4 were quite good weeks, as I learned a nice way to make miso soup, and I've been on a seaweed rampage adding it to as many things as I can! (It's not a strong flavor, I use these!)

They're wonderful and they don't have a very strong flavor, so I add them to a lot of things nowadays!

I've been keeping to at least one large salad a day, with avocado, pumpkin seeds, and either flax seeds/oil, or hemp seeds, and if I roast some red peppers in the oven, I'll chop up some of those to go in too! I've also used 1-4 cloves of garlic everyday in some form or another (usually 1-2 in the salad) And I've been making hummus at least once a week or so too, trying to get the best flavor (which has been a little challenging!) But I've been making roasted red pepper hummus, and it's pretty good!

I haven't had ANY fruit for at least 3 weeks. And my weakness remains brown rice snaps and raw almond butter a couple times a day! The rice snaps ingredients: "Brown rice, sesame seeds." The end. I don't feel too guilty about them! And I figure I eat enough almond butter that would be equivalent to about a handful or so of almonds per day... except creamy and rich!

Yogurt has been a semi-regular protein/calcium source through all weeks so far as well. I either go for the Redwood Hill Farm Goat Yogurt or the FAGE Greek yogurt. The goat yogurt is delicious and comes from a really conscientious farm, but I'm kind of yearning for organic raw goat yogurt... the real deal. The Greek yogurt is a protein powerhouse, so that gets me through busy days or long between-times of meals. Sometimes I throw a small handful of cashews in with the yogurt if I really need a pick-me-up at work, but something tells me that's not the best food combining....

Before a double-job day or a long hike day, I'll start the morning off with an over-hard egg with steamed kale or chard or just raw spinach tossed in, with a little green onion to boot (and now kelp flakes!!)

And stir fry has been quite a delicious staple. I don't actually "fry" very much, except for the diced onion and sometimes zucchini or peppers. I take to steaming most things that go in the stir-fry though, like the broccoli or the kale or chard... and I've been keeping away from mushrooms for the time being too, as I read that candida/fungus would (perhaps obviously) like to feed on such things. Once everything's in the stir-fry pan, I sprinkle some dried miso from my miso soup packets on top, for a pleasant gluten-free + fermented soy flavoring. Haven't been using any carrot! And trying my whole self best to use lots of broccoli and leafy greens. I also have thrown in a small bit of fresh grated ginger too, dee-lish!

I made my first nettle infusion the other night! It turned out very brown in color though, compared to the bright green variations I've read about.... but I also read that since it isn't fresh-harvested nettle, and depending on the source of the dried nettle, it may turn out brown. Not sure what effect that has on the nutritional value of the infusion, but it does taste pretty good!

And still plugging away with a tall glass of Just Barley drink every morning.

I've somehow taken to doing some gentle nighttime yoga postures and some 'muscle toning' exercises too. Nothing very aerobic (since it's nighttime,) but it feels wonderful to stretch after the long day! I also like to stretch a bit in the morning now too... suppose I'm slowly adding the yoga element in now, too! I like elevating my feet for 5 or so minutes once or twice a day too, as I think I need to pay more attention to my legs/circulation, etc.

Really trying to build a healthy foundation that will just feel too good to stray from in the future!! So far I'd say it's working quite well!!

Thanks for reading!

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