Sunday, February 20, 2011

Candida Diet, Weeks 6 & 7!

Already onto Week 8 of the Candida Diet!

Went out to eat quite a bit this week, but made some really great choices while out! Got Indian food a few times, eating just the veggies in their glorious spices (no rice or naan or mango lassi!) (miss the lassi......will have it again sometime though!) Then also got some Thai food for lunch the other day, with just a huge amount of broccoli and some other veggies (bok choy?) and lemongrass chili soup that was diviiiiine!

Feelin' good I must say! Having a little routine has really been a sweet change of pace for me... usually waking up around 8 or 9am and getting to sleep usually between 12 and 1. Feels good to have a little rhythm! I'd love to wake up around 6am someday if I can do it; I really really love mornings!

Still doing the Candi-Zyme enzyme a few times here and there as I remember to take it..... kind of saving it for when I do another RenewLife Candida Cleanse again though (probably soon!)

I haven't really been taking much oregano oil lately, but I've still been getting in lots of garlic everyday! And a huge salad everyday to boot!

Had an amazing 65-degree morning last week, and I walked up a storm before work! The warm weather calls me out to get moving-- the winter weather just doesn't do it for me, though I love winter hiking, when you just don't ever seem to overheat while climbing up huge hills with a big backpack on!

For the ladies: I've been meaning to link this article that I found on cycle regulation with omega oils! It's a pretty short article, but it's easy to follow, and I'm experimenting with it! (*Note~ It's another Blogger page!! Called "Life is Recipes")

Great info for such a small article, it's just what I was looking for. I usually try to aim for a decent amount of omega 3's throughout every day & week, but I add more hemp after ovulation just for experiment... I use Hemp Hearts, which are just organic hemp seeds that taste great and go on my daily salad (after ovulation) An easy diet addition with lots of healthy nutritional content! You know what, here's a sweet link to the Hemp Hearts too. It's super descriptive!

They don't have a strong flavor, and they're real soft, not crunchy..... so good for you!!

I'm in now, boy! This diet hasn't very much changed my physical sense of well-being (I like to think I've been a pretty healthy person for at least the last few years or so...) But it's been great for my mental well-being. And hopefully I'll see some nice changes physically down the road too :-)


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