Friday, February 25, 2011

Candida Diet, Week 8!

First of all, I have to say... this candida diet has me exploring more new recipes than any other "diet" ever has! Getting so creative and really starting to value a wholesome meal. My body knows what it needs, and my cravings have changed so much.

On a side note, I HAVE to share about this AMAZING store I've been hearing about for almost a year and just finally visited! It's in Mt. Lebanon, just outside of Pittsburgh, and it's called "Eden's Market." I thought they specialized in gluten free foods, ie they had a great selection. But I was wrong! THEY ONLY SELL GLUTEN-FREE FOODS!! The whole store!! It was phenomenal!

It's all gluten-free, but it's obviously not all based on candida too. But a few gems that I am officially including in my diet from here on out are the following:

Brad's Raw Chips:

There are several flavors, my favorite so far being "Vampire Killer," which is garlicky. (But not so much that I'd say it would kill a vamp!) This particular flavor includes nutritional yeast (way different than the negative yeast the candida diet focuses on eliminating!), red bell pepper, garlic of course, cashews, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, scallions, Himalayan sea salt, and that's it! The ingredients appear to all be blended together and basted onto the kale before the leaves are dehydrated, leaving an even coating that sticks to every leaf! They are DIVINE. I'M GOING TO MAKE THEM WHEN I GET A FOOD DEHYDRATOR. They have a super-light crunch, and the enzymes and nutrients are preserved in the light dehydrating process (versus baking or frying, which kills the nutrients.)

Just one serving (about half of the container) will give you 6 grams of protein, 139% vitamin A, 129% vitamin C, 8% calcium, and 11% Iron!!! Only around 140 calories. Did I say YUM? The other flavors look amazing too; I've already tried the red pepper chips! (also delish!!) And the "Indian" flavor ones are divine, I'm sure........

Next up on my list....

Mary's Gone Crackers! (Chipotle Tomato)

This brand has been around for a little while now, but I always ran into their products that have wheat-free tamari in them... So it's wheat-and-gluten-free... but there's a small amount of 'alcohol' in the tamari, and I'm candida diet nazi so I skip out on these snacks. BUT! The chipotle tomato flavor, as it turns out, is tamari-free too! So now each bite is full of whole quinoa, RED quinoa, brown rice, flax seeds, brown sesame seeds, amaranth, millet, chia seeds, tomato powder, chipotle chili, and sea salt. How's that for an entire meal of seeds that is actually delicious, wholesome, and filling!! All ingredients are also organic, I might add! Now let's just whip up some roasted tomato or red pepper hummus to go right along with these babies... wheeeewwww..... being healthy without even TRYING sometimes!

So in any case, I *HIGHLY* recommend visiting Eden's Market when you get the chance! He's on the same side of Washington Road as the Sesame Inn.... here's his info!

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