Monday, March 7, 2011

Candida Diet, Rolling Into Week 10 Like a Freight Train!

Tomorrow marks Week #10 that I've upheld my extremist ways :-P

I'm back again to share this amazingly simple + delicious recipe I just whipped up on a whim today! My recipes keep coming to me that way, just 'aha' moments where either things in my pantry come together in a new way, or I'm in the store and run amok grabbing a few new choices.

Let me tell you......

THIS little baby packs a remarkable flavorful punch!! It will only be as 'hot' as you make it (ie. adding a teaspoon or adding a tablespoon, etc) And add this coconut milk or a coconut milk of your choice..... heat the two together in a skillet...... pour over steamed vegetables. DINE ON A GOURMET THAI MEAL. THE END!!!

That's literally all that I did tonight. The curry paste lists a nice little recipe on the back, calling for brown sugar and anchovy paste, etc, etc...... sure that might be great! But I say, plain was absolutely outstanding. I didn't even use any rice along with it... more veggies to fill up on!! And I actually used a tiny 4 ounce can of coconut milk for my meal tonight, and I was slightly nervous about how much curry paste to add. So I started off with maybe a half teaspoon or so? ....well, I wound up using at least a tablespoon. It actually tasted JUST LIKE THE GREEN CURRIED VEGETABLES I GOT AT ANGKOR LAST WEEK!!! That's a delicious Thai place in Pittsburgh, fyi. If you're in Pitt, GO THERE!!!

But yes, I now have a new toy.... I also bought their "red curry paste." :-X You'll have to drag me out of the kitchen.

I've also started my gardening work today--- I've prepped a 5 gallon bucket with 20 or so holes in the bottom and sides for my composting needs..... And I've bought lots of organic seeds and a starter tray. And organic soil of course... extremely stoked to get this started up!

The seeds I bought were: THYME (of course!), chives (common), Pepper (sweet Yolo Wonder, green/red), Green onion (White Lisbon), swiss chard (Five Color Silverbeet... a rainbow of chard!!), fennel, tomato (Roma, bush variety), KALE (dwarf blue curled), oregano (greek), basil (Italian Genovese and Thai Siam Queen), bush green beans..... and catnip for the neighbor's kitteh :-P Oops I done forgot lettuce hahah oh well, all the health stores have seeds now, I'm sure I'll get some this week... got my hands full already! I'm counting on the massive amount of farmers' markets down here for other foods too!

Well I better start getting ready for bed here and finish my tea! Thanks as usual for readin'


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