Sunday, March 6, 2011

Candida Diet, Week 9

Well then! My routine has been slightly changed up as I relocate my life hundreds of miles from home..... But! I've stayed strong making big healthy, hearty breakfasts! About a cup or so of cooked quinoa, mixed with some type of curry powder (turmeric being exCEPTIONALLY healthy, anti-cancer, detoxing, etc.... I try to get some in everyday.) In the curried quinoa, I toss in some steamed kale and steamed broccoli, sometimes steamed dandelion greens..... and as much hemp seed as I can fit in the bowl! I usually top it all off with a hard-boiled egg and a little ground black pepper! And kelp powder sprinkled throughout when I think of it! And for "breakfast dessert," I have usually a half cup or so of greek yogurt to boot! Talk about protein!

I've also maintained my daily morning glass of Just Barley juice :-)

The past few days, since I've moved, I've been out through the afternoon, so I've missed my usual raw salads, but the food choices around here are so healthy that I've since temporarily replaced the salads with miso soup with seaweed salad, one afternoon was mostly raw sunflower & pumpkin seeds with cashews, and another afternoon I mostly gorged on the seed snacks I mentioned in a previous post... "Sticks and Twigs" with a really good tomato basil hummus I found! So... maybe not as beneficial as a sweet raw salad, but at least I haven't binged on carby foods or any other of the gamut of scrumptious options that would set me back on the candida diet.

It's tough cause even good friends don't quite understand the extent of the strictness, but they just go along with it, and I've gotten quite good at finding my way around a menu!!! At Mad Mex just last week, I ordered their veggie burrito without the tortilla around it.... essentially just a plate of cooked, awesomely-seasoned veggies, and pico de gallo to top it off! It was friggin better than the regular burrito!! It was so good the manager came over to the table my brother and I had and commented that it looked so good in the kitchen that he made the exact thing for himself!!!! That was super awesome! I can still picture it, and it makes me drool!

I've also re-started the Renew Life CandiGone cleanse, just to go the extra mile again.... and I take probiotics everyday.

I'm coveting my Brad's Raw chips and considering ordering them online as the days go by.... but I'm trying not to use credit too much while job-searching! Finally landing a job this week, no ifs, ands, or buts! So that shall help!!

I think that's about all for now, but I'll add more if I've forgotten to mention anything!


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