Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Candida Diet: Week 12 and Onward!

Well then!! Guess it's been a little while, but I'm still plugging away and feeling GREAT and learning more and more and trying newer and newer things with foods!

I've been practicing yoga every morning when I wake up, and walking/jogging afterward! Couple nights I didn't get to sleep til later, and it was a little harder to rouse myself the next morning.... but it feels much too good to not start the day off with a little movement! Even if I don't have much time, I still at least do some yoga... and a quick jog wakes me up like
nothing else!

A typical day-et (my diet through the day) starts off with a power breakfast, after the yoga and/or jogging. This usually consists of the following!:

-1 cup cooked quinoa (protein party!)
-curry seasonings, focusing on that turmeric! (strong anti-cancer)
-1-2 fresh whole garlic cloves crushed and mixed in (SO good for you in many ways)
-1 cup fresh steamed kale (calcium, lutein/vit. A (EYES) )
**Sweet page on Kale**
-1/2 to 3/4 cup steamed broccoli OR asparagus (CALCIUM, alkalizing to the blood)
**Broccoli Page** **Asparagus Page**
-kelp seasoning for iodine (THYROID REGULATOR!)
-3-5 tablespoons shelled hempseeds (protein party #2! +amino acids, calcium, and more)
-2-3 tablespoons nutritional yeast (B VITAMIN + AMINO ACID CENTRAL!!!)
-as much avocado as I'm craving! (protein AND lutein for the eyes)

And depending on how I'm feeling, I'll often throw a hard-boiled egg in the mix. That provides lots of essential things, including lutein again.

I've also been tossing in fresh weeds from my yard! Day-lily root/leaves (sweet & crunchy!), purple deadnettle, chickweed, or speedwell! And though not from my yard, sometimes I use fresh shredded ginger....

Purple Deadnettle:


I love experimenting with new breakfast ideas for this mix! I'll take a picture of it sometime too, it's really a beautiful meal! :-P It's tonnns of protein (comPLETE protein, that is), but enough other nutrients that help process the protein, and lots of fiber... The broccoli AND the kale are very high in calcium. For those of you reading this who know me, this next statement is a bold, bold statement! I actually find after eating this that I can go well into the afternoon before eating again or just being hungry. And that's after a full morning of gardening and landscaping! I don't usually eat the meal until after my yoga and morning jog are done, so it helps recharge me after the initial morning energy burn, and I like to think that the nice protein party helps keep things smooth for my muscles after a long walk/jog combo. It's also helpful to not eat before doing yoga OR jogging, just way easier on the stomach.

One more fine recipe I've been concocting is a very gluten-free Tabbouleh recipe! It's so easy it almost hurts!

-1 cup cooked quinoa
-1/2 cucumber
-1/4 - 1/3 tomato
-as much parsley as you can take!
-as many hemp seeds as will mix in!
-any seasonings you'd like! Black pepper goes good, maybe a touch of real sea salt.. maybe even a pinch of minced green onion would be good! OH and some fresh MINT!!! Lots of room to create!

Chop up the cuke and the tomato, break up the parsley, and mix it all together in a bowl and enjoy! No further heating involved! I make 1-2 huge batches of quinoa per week these days, so a recipe like this is further made easy... saves a step to cook the quinoa beforehand. It is SUCH a good cold summer 'salad,' and gives you another protein boost mid-day if you need it!

This recipe holds nicely for at least a few days in the fridge! And it's suuuuper carry-along-able! I'm gonna take some pics of these things soon (the power breakfast and the tabbouleh!) They both look like art!!

But as for the diet, I'd like to share that it will be the 3 month mark soon (started Jan. 4, and by April 4, I'll be rolling into the fourth month!) and I've successfully not had a single piece of chocolate (or cheese!!!!) I've had a minimal amount of rice noodles, and 4 slices of bread when I decided to use up the last bit of Sami's bread that I had in my freezer. I've had no fruits or fruit juices, but lots of veggies and veggie juices!

I realize it sounds strict, but I really do feel that my body is happy for the break in carbs and sweets, and it could use the better part of a year to cleanse itself of a diet that I've had for 25 years. Not that my diet has been poor for 25 years, but it's been a lot of the same stuff.... If I wasn't feeling so good or losing drastic amounts of weight or my skin was turning pale or I had any negative symptoms, I'd gladly reintroduce some of these avoided foods... but a scale I just recently looked at was reading 120 last time I saw it, and my face is still embarrassingly pink much of the time! :-P I also wake up with so much energy... I breathe deep and 'wake up' for about 5-10 minutes... dream processing, mapping my morning out... maybe check my planner.... but then once I've settled on a morning gameplan, I explode into the day (WHAM!!) Hahah feelin' great. Haven't had any of these allergies people keep talking about here in the Appalachias... or any other ailments for that matter!

So that's the scoop through to week 12 and a little beyond! Hope this is still posing as a helpful resource for people, and I still encourage any questions or comments! Check back soon for recipe pictures!

Thanks as always for reading!

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